Kamis, 28 Juli 2011


maybe just only a handful of people who know me in this virtual world. because I'm also still learning. probably better if I introduce myself again to the crew of media [pretending to be an artist: D]
okay let me introduce myself to you
Name        : Roro Hartinah Isyani
Call me     : Roro:)
TTL          : Sakarta, August 19, 1995
Address    : Bendo Tugurante 1.3 Blitar
Hobbies    : Surfing the internet, reading, swimming, games, etc. komp
Motivation : How Long Can You Live?
Motto       : From Zero to Hero:)
                  today better than yesterday
what else? thats eauf from me if you have any questions just ask me :p* lol * see you again:) one more, I will make this blog be a * Note * what im i doing. and also on this blog more often I will be online to update what I wrote that do during this and also a lot of info for all temen temen:) okeoke:) nice greetings from me, RoRo: *

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