Sabtu, 06 April 2013

Simple Tribal Nail Art Tutorial

Holaa guys
In this post i'll post about My nail art last month, Simple Tribal Nail Art
I just forget about it haha

When i open my picture gallery in my notebook, i founded this picture so this time i MUST Post this Simple Tribal Nail Art NOW hahha

So, Lets start

1. First, Wash your nails with soap and water
2. Next step. Scrub your nail with acetone
3. Apply Base coat to your nail to protect your nail
4. Apply nail polish color you want to be a basic. But in this time I use a little reddish brown nail polish

5. Make two black lines in the middle of your nail [look this picture]

6. Fill in your nail polish with different color in between the black lines
   [ i this time i use cream nail polish]

7. Make a line like a triangle in the black line

8. Then make something different. Make a dot at the bottom of your nail and make small vertical lines at the top of your nails

9. FINALLY. Apply a top coat to your nail to protect your nail polish So durable and not easily damaged

How do you think about this Nail art? You must Try. Its easy Tutorial right :)
Hmm My grammar its to bad right :( so sorry for that i... i... i... must study hard for make my grammar good ;)
See you on the next post my lovely readers :* {}

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